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            Coronavirus Update

            All classes have moved to a virtual environment and UCM has moved to a "work remote" status effective 6 p.m. March 29 through May 1.
            Please contact offices by phone or email.
            Visit /coronavirus for more information.

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            Opportunity In Action

            Discover a place where opportunity comes to life; where every student has the support they need to achieve their goals and start their careers in less time. Discover an education designed to take you out of state, out of the country1分11选5平台, even out of the world! Discover the potential that exists in every idea, and find the resources to fulfill it. Discover a university where every student is important. 

            Discover the University of Central Missouri. Discover Opportunity in Action.

            At UCM, you'll discover:

            More support. Fewer Obstacles

            At UCM you'll find the right classes, land the right internships and navigate college life with the help of your own personal success team. We offer support on your schedule including:

            • An innovative Success Advising Center

            • Academic support offered 24/7 through in-person and online resources

            • Expert tutoring for 70+ courses

            • Review and editing services at the Writing Center

            • Free counseling and mental health services

            • Free career counseling

            Small classes. Big experiences.

            With an 18:1 student/faculty ration, you're not just another face in the crowd, and we don't treat you that way. With professors who genuinely care about your success and get to know you by name, you'll receive one-on-one time and attention so you can get where you need to be.


            Quality education. Meaningful degrees.

            At UCM, you'll find a quality education at an affordable price. UCM is accredited and consistently recognized as a Best College by U.S. News and World Report and a "Best in the Midwest" by Princeton Review. Our tuition is  lower than most colleges in Missouri and the national average, and we award $21 million in institutional aid annually. UCM students don't just attend college, they graduate. Plus, our degrees are so competitive that 97 percent of our graduates are employed or continue their education within six months of graduation!



            This is the power of Opportunity In Action

            Voices of Opportunity

            Endless opportunities await; the path is as unique as you. Opportunity in Action directly impacts all of our students!

            Inquiring Minds In Action

            I noticed a Choose Red poster on a wall. To whom shall I report this?

            Don’t panic; the feeling that Choose Red conveyed is still alive and well on campus. You can see it in the spirit of our undergraduates at 1分11选5平台 athletic games, during campus events, and throughout the University.

            Why is a building on the new academic logo?

            In partnership with this new campaign, we unveiled a new icon as a permanent part of our campus identity. This new academic icon represents the rich history of UCM. It features one of the best-known landmarks on campus, the Administration Building. Built in 1916, the three-story building provides a unique and distinct image for the icon, making it stand out from other institutions. A versatile building that once housed classrooms, a cafeteria and a pit theatre, and now provides an auditorium for world-class performances and much more, the Administration Building resonates with current students, alumni, faculty and staff, and the Warrensburg community. The cardinal red and black coloring is immediately recognizable as part of the UCM brand. Our foundation year is prominently displayed, which not only demonstrates the university’s nearly 150 years as a leader in education, but is a nod to our university seal, which also includes 1871 in its design. The icon in its entirety was created to evoke a sense of academic pride. It stands as a symbol of legacy, hard work, and innovative higher education.

            What happened to the Mule logo?

            Absolutely nothing happened to the Mule logo. Once a mule, always a mule–the Mule is forever. The Mule logo is mostly reserved for athletic association and school spirit. In other words, wear your Mule hat to the game; it kicks...


            University of Central Missouri
            P. O. Box 800
            Warrensburg, MO 64093