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            Coronavirus Update

            All classes have moved to a virtual environment and UCM has moved to a "work remote" status effective 6 p.m. March 29 through May 1.
            Please contact offices by phone or email.
            Visit /coronavirus for more information.

            College of Education

            The University of Central Missouri has been focused on teacher education since our founding in 1871.

            UCM has an excellent reputation in the state and region for educator preparation. Today, nearly 80 percent of College of Education alumni are teaching in Missouri schools, representing UCM in more than 75 percent of the state’s school districts. UCM offers a wide variety of education degrees and certifications. A number of our programs and courses are offered online so you can fit them into your schedule. As an undergraduate, you’ll follow our distinctive co-teaching model, which will provide you with a more realistic teaching experience.

            ** Remote Office Alert **

            In an effort to safeguard the health and wellbeing of students and employees, the College of Education is following UCM’s COVID-19 Work From 1分11选5平台 Policy. Offices will remain open for in-person visits on a limited basis, but whether in-person or virtually, we will ensure all essential needs are met in a timely manner.

            Please email the person(s) identified below, or call (660) 543-4272 for assistance.

            Jill Larsen (jlarsen@)

            Dr. Ann McCoy (mccoy@)

            Dr. Robert Lee (relee@)

            College of Education Centennial Celebration

            The University of Central Missouri’s College of Education is celebrating its centennial during the 2019–1分11选5平台 academic year. From its early roots as the State Normal School for the Second Normal District of Missouri, the University of Central Missouri has had a longstanding tradition of producing quality educators to prepare the next generation of students. This year the university celebrates the centennial of its College of Education (COE), dating back to the naming of Central Missouri State Teachers College in 1919. 

            Special events during the centennial year are being planned around the theme, “My Central, My Legacy”. Activities will range from honoring outstanding alumni educators to publicly unveiling a vision for the college's future.

            July 26th saw a successful golf tournament at Mules National Golf Club in Warrensburg. Many alumni, faculty, and staff participated in and helped with the event, bringing together the history and future of our College.

            Save the date for these upcoming events:

            • October 25 & 26: College of Education Centennial Celebration Weekend

            The Legacy Suite will be used to support philanthropic personnel serving the college and its students, and will be accessible to college alumni. We hope you will join us on the golf course and on campus to remember the College of Education's legacy and prepare for its future!


            Academic Advising

            The Success Advising Center is UCM's transformative model for student success and college completion. Your Success Advisor will be your biggest help at UCM when it comes to selecting courses, enrolling and keeping you on track to graduate. Schedule an appointment with a Success Advisor today!