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            Coronavirus Update

            All classes have moved to a virtual environment and UCM has moved to a "work remote" status effective 6 p.m. March 29 through May 1.
            Please contact offices by phone or email.
            Visit /coronavirus for more information.

            Impact students in the Multipurpose pool


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            Student Experience

            Define Your Time at UCM

            Being a student at the University of Central Missouri is about so much more than attending class. It’s about cultivating your passions and discovering new ones. It’s about making connections that will enhance your experience at UCM and follow you into your future. At UCM, we have the student organizations, activities and facilities to help you create a personally rewarding student experience.

            Get Involved

            Join an Organization   UCM has 200+ student organizations, from those tied to academic programs to those focused on community service.
            Lead through SGA Get involved in the Student Government Association at UCM!
            Student Activities There are plenty of ways to get involved—and stay involved!
            Sports Love to compete or just want to have fun and be active,? Sign up for intramural sports and sports clubs.
            Greek Life Gain leadership and social skills and build your network when you join a fraternity or sorority.


            We encourage you to join in building ...

            • a learning community, by striving for academic and personal excellence and by promoting the value of education and lifelong learning.

            • an open community, by creating and maintaining effective channels of communication and by accepting and respecting individuals whose values, ideas, beliefs, and life experiences may be different from my own.

            • a caring community, by seeking opportunities to serve and by supporting and affirming the well-being of others.

            • a just community, by behaving in ways which are ethical, honest, equitable, trustworthy, civil, and respectful.

            • a disciplined community, by seeking to understand and fulfill personal responsibilities, by upholding university guidelines and by working toward self and community betterment.

            • a celebrative community, by observing and honoring existing traditions and by seeking and creating opportunities to enrich and define UCM.

            • a purposeful community, by helping to shape and achieve the common goals of the University of Central Missouri.

            UCM Student Handbook

            Your Guide to Good Decision-Making

            Students chatting and petting large black service dog

            As a student, you attend UCM for the purpose of learning. You must take an active role in the process of building knowledge and skills. This process happens in every aspect of your college experience - in and out of the classroom.

            The UCM  Student Handbook is intended to assist you as you explore your rights and responsibilities, as well as to assist you in making good decisions; it is an educational document not a legal document. It is an evolving document, about 50 pages long.

            Do we expect you to read all of this? Yes. It's important.

            to view the UCM Student Handbook.

            As a UCM student, you are responsible for completing the following activities and reading the linked material ...

            Successful students regularly use these important and powerful academic resources ...

            How to give feedback and get help ...

            Important resources promoting student success, health and wellness ...

            Great opportunities to work, volunteer and get involved ...

            Please consider downloading these free resources ...

            • Campus Eye App
            • UCM CATS (GooglePlay)
            • The Buzz: U of Central Missouri
            • Blackboard Mobile Learn App

            More resources for students & families ...