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            Coronavirus Update

            All classes have moved to a virtual environment and UCM has moved to a "work remote" status effective 6 p.m. March 29 through May 1.
            Please contact offices by phone or email.
            Visit /coronavirus for more information.


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            Visit UCM


            Wondering if the University of Central Missouri is the ideal place for you? When you visit, you’ll see for yourself what it's like to be part of this university campus community. You can take a tour, meet with your future professors, talk with current students and even have lunch on us! Your university campus visit will help you make an informed decision about your college future.


            Choose the best option for you.

            Students Walking On A Campus Tour

            Virtual Campus Visit Options

            Can't make it to campus? Take a look at some of the virtual visit options available for you and your family to experience UCM and learn more from the comfort of your own 1分11选5平台.

            Great Visit For: High School Students (all levels) and Transfer Students


            Mo Standing On Campus

            Personalized Campus Tours

            If you prefer a personalized visit, we're happy to help. Contact us today and we'll work together with you to create a tour tailored to you. 

            Great Visit For: High School Students (all levels) and Transfer Students


            Student standing in rec center

            Discover Central Open House

            Come learn more about UCM by attending UCM's Discover Central Open House. This open house style of event will allow you to choose different sessions / activities that matter the most to you. This visit is a great introduction to UCM!

            Great Visit For: High School Students (all levels) and Transfer Students


            Student Sitting in Classroom

            Admitted Senior Day

            Already admitted to UCM? Let us celebrate you with a day of fun and excitement about your next step to joining the UCM family! Admitted Senior Day is all about learning more about what you should expect before your first semester, meeting other incoming students within your major, and much more!

            Great Visit For: High School Seniors Admitted to UCM


             Missouri Innovation Campus Classroom

            Missouri Innovation Campus / UCM Lee's Summit Visits

             UCM Lee’s Summit is housed in The Missouri Innovation Campus, our new, state-of-the-art 137,000 square foot facility. To visit, email mic@ or call 816-347-1612 and ask for Rick Smetana or Andrea Bisogno.  

            Great Visit For: Transfer Students or students looking to take classes with UCM Lee's Summit.

            Students Walking with Tour Guide

            Camps / School Group Tours

             Want to bring a group of students to visit UCM's campus as part of a camp, school activity, or other group setting? UCM can help host your group with a schedule that is personalized to you and your group.

            Great Visit For: School groups, camps, other sponsored groups.


            Aviation student in front of plane

            Graudate School Tours / Department Tours

             Graduate Department Visit at Warrensburg Campus: Schedule your personalized tour today with Graduate Studies.

            Great Visit For: Current or prospective graduate students.



            If you are interested in participating in NCAA athletics at UCM, we recommend that you contact a respective member of the . Undergraduate Admissions and the campus visit office is unable to set up any meetings with athletic coaches.

            GPS address for campus visits:
            Ward Edwards Building 
            108 W. South St. 
            Warrensburg, MO 64093

            Visitor parking is located east of the Ward Edwards Building on South St. There is a parking lot attendant at the entrance.

            For questions, contact the Campus Visit Office at campusvisit@ or call 660-543-8501.


            Office of Undergraduate Admissions
            Ward Edwards, 1400
            Warrensburg, MO 64093