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            Coronavirus Update

            All classes have moved to a virtual environment and UCM has moved to a "work remote" status effective 6 p.m. March 29 through May 1.
            Please contact offices by phone or email.
            Visit /coronavirus for more information.



            Dan Jensen, Ed.D.
            University News, awards

            Jensen Honored Through Governor's Award for Excellence in Education

            Described by colleagues as a caring teacher, mentor and coach who strives to provide his students with real-world experience, Dan Jensen, Ed.D., is the University of Central Missouri’s 1分11选5平台 recipient of the Missouri Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education.

            April 13, 1分11选5平台
            Georgi Popov, Ph.D.
            University News, awards

            Popov Honored as American Industrial Hygiene Association Fellow

            In recognition of his efforts to improve workers’ health and safety and to advance the practice of industrial hygiene, University of Central Missouri faculty member Georgi Popov, Ph.D., is being recognized as a Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

            April 13, 1分11选5平台
            CADD Ear Guards
            University News, CHST

            UCM Students Producing Ear Guards to Bring Comfort to Healthcare Professionals, Others Who Wear Protective Gear

            Two University of Central Missouri students have found an innovative way to provide relief for healthcare professionals who experience discomfort from extended use of protective masks.

            April 07, 1分11选5平台
            Nikki Freeman
            University News, awards

            National Forensics Association Honors Freeman for Exemplary Service

            A faculty member who has been a cheerleader for her students’ success at the University of Central Missouri has been honored by an organization that advances the forensics teaching profession. Nicole “Nikki” Freeman has received the National Forensics Association’s Eddie Myers Distinguished Service Award for Exemplary Service.

            April 06, 1分11选5平台
            In This Together
            University News, Alumni Foundation, MuleNation, student success

            MuleNation, UCM Community 'In This Together' to Aid Struggling Students

            Expressing a strong desire to help students through the challenges posed by this health crisis, the MuleNation network of engaged alumni and friends has reached out to the University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation to partner in raising funds to provide much-needed assistance.

            April 06, 1分11选5平台
            PBS Kids
            KMOS-TV, University News

            KMOS-TV to Provide Broadcast Schedule of Programs for 1分11选5平台-bound Students

            Taking advantage of its catalog of general education programming, the KMOS-TV has modified its weekday broadcast schedule to include three hours of programs daily to assist students and their families while schools are closed during the current health emergency.

            April 02, 1分11选5平台
            Safety Class
            awards, University News

            UCM's Online Emergency Management Options Rank High for Affordability

            A website many individuals turn to for information to help them make choices about their higher education, Affordable Schools (AS), has ranked the University of Central Missouri among 20 Best Affordable Online Emergency Management Programs.

            April 01, 1分11选5平台
            University News, KMOS-TV, Board of Governors

            Board of Governors Authorizes New Broadcast Transmitter Purchase

            In a meeting by telephone March 26, the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors approved the purchase of a new broadcast transmitter for UCM’s public television station, KMOS-TV, and authorized an agreement for on-call kitchen replacement and maintenance repair services.

            March 31, 1分11选5平台
            Online Learning
            University News, student success

            University of Central Missouri Offering Free Online Creativity and Innovation Courses

            The University of Central Missouri is joining forces with MindEdge to offer three free online courses focusing on creativity and innovation. The free classes are provided to help individuals during this time of global pandemic and social distancing.

            March 30, 1分11选5平台
            Campus Cupboard Volunteers
            University News, Culture Of Service

            Campus Cupboard Sets New Hours to Help Individuals in Need

            The change in schedule is taking place to help ensure a vital need is met while also following procedures that will contribute to a safe and healthy environment amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

            March 30, 1分11选5平台
            Meryl Lin McKean
            KMOS-TV, University News

            UCM Alumna Meryl Lin McKean Hosts Live Call-in Show on COVID-19

            Thursdays at 7 p.m., beginning March 26, the University of Central Missouri’s public television station, KMOS-TV, will present a series of live call-in panel discussions covering the current health crisis.

            March 25, 1分11选5平台
            Michael Quimby and Eleanor Shockey
            Alumni Foundation, University News, CAHSS

            Quimby Honors Music Professor Through Pipe Organ Restoration Project

            Showing his appreciation for a former music teacher whose positive impact was never forgotten, Warrensburg resident Michael Quimby is honoring the memory of Professor Eleanor Shockey by restoring the pipe organ she once played at the University of Central Missouri.

            March 24, 1分11选5平台
            KOKO Interview with President Best
            facstaff, University News

            President Roger Best Discusses COVID-19 Concerns in Live Interview on March 24

            UCM President Roger Best met with Marion “Woody” Woods on Tuesday, March 24, 1分11选5平台 for a live interview on 1450 KOKO-AM, addressing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the university.

            March 24, 1分11选5平台
            Kauffman Stadium
            Alumni Foundation, University News, events

            Mule Day at the K Postponed Amid Federal Guidelines That Impact MLB

            With national health concerns looming over coronavirus (COVID-19), the University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation announces it is postponing Mule Day at the K, an event planned for Tuesday, May 5, at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

            March 20, 1分11选5平台
            UCM Lee's Summit
            UCM-LS, MIC, University News

            UCM Lee's Summit to Close for Deep Cleaning Tuesday and Wednesday, March 17 and 18

            All UCM courses are paused until March 30, when all courses will be delivered virtually.

            March 17, 1分11选5平台
            UCM Coloring Pages
            ucmblog, UCM Blog

            Get Creative with These Advanced UCM-Themed Coloring Activities

            We hope you’re stocked up on art supplies: these UCM-themed coloring activities are highly detailed and designed to inspire the creativity of our most artistic Mules and Jennies!

            April 14, 1分11选5平台
            Mo's Music
            ucmblog, UCM Blog

            Add Your Favorite Songs to our #MuleStrong Playlist

            What are you listening to lately, Mules and Jennies? Add your favorite songs to our #MuleStrong Playlist, a music mix chosen entirely by our campus community!

            April 13, 1分11选5平台
            Mo Coloring Activities
            MuleNation, UCM Blog, ucmblog

            Download Mo the Mule Coloring Activities for Future Mules and Jennies

            Gather the kiddos, grab the art supplies and enjoy these coloring activities with our very own Mo the Mule!

            April 07, 1分11选5平台
            UCM Virtual Background
            ucmblog, Online Learning, UCM Blog, MuleNation

            Let Your Mule Pride Shine Online with UCM-themed 'Zoom' Backgrounds

            Whether you’re embarrassed about your messy room appearing in your thumbnail, or just looking to spice up your virtual classroom, you can add these UCM-themed virtual backgrounds to your Zoom profile for a unique look!

            March 30, 1分11选5平台
            Global Classroom
            ucmblog, collegehealth

            How UCM Students are Changing the Health Care Industry Through Global Collaboration

            As both the education and health care industries become increasingly global enterprises, UCM is pioneering a future-focused approach to education that promotes collaboration for global health initiatives by providing health courses that include students from different countries.

            June 03, 2019
            Kylee Julian
            ucmblog, collegebusiness

            My Public Relations Major Choice Changed My World

            The University of Central Missouri’s public relations program changed my life. When I transferred to UCM, I had never heard of a public relations major, and I certainly didn’t know I could get a degree in it! I wasn’t in the dark very long.

            May 09, 2019
            Savanna Lightfoot
            studentsuccess, ucmblog

            Student Spotlight: "UCM Felt Like I was Right at 1分11选5平台"

            Our April Student Spotlight features Savanna Lightfoot, an elementary education major. Her anticipated graduation date is May 1分11选5平台.

            April 23, 2019
            Physical Education
            collegehealth, studentsuccess, ucmblog

            Additional Physical Education Programs at UCM Provide New and Rewarding Career Path Options

            The future direction for physical education programs is branching into new and exciting realms of career paths. That’s why UCM’s physical education program has been redesigned to create two new majors to help students looking for a career in movement and sports but who are not sure if they are interested in a traditional career path.

            April 11, 2019
            UCM Presidents
            ucmblog, facstaff, history

            Take a Look Back at UCM's Legacy of Leaders Who Shaped Campus

            President Best continues a long tradition of campus leaders who have impacted higher education in the state of Missouri dating back to the university’s days as the State Normal School for the Second Normal District.

            April 11, 2019
            Five Questions

            The Five Real Questions to Ponder When Deciding on a College

            Choosing the right college is a big deal, and it may be your first exercise in value, cost and quality reasoning. You have a lot of variables to look at. Be sure to dig deeper to find the right college to meet your needs. Consider these real questions when you’re shopping for the right college

            November 12, 2018
            Legacy at UCM
            alumni, ucmblog

            UCM Legacy Creates Kindred Connections

            You may have heard the term “legacy family,” but what does it really mean? At the most basic definition, legacy families are students and alumni whose families, including parents, grandparents and/or siblings, attended or currently attend UCM. It’s through these families that the heritage of UCM passes from generation to generation.

            November 01, 2018
            UCM Distinguished Alumni 2018
            University News, ucmblog, ucmalumni

            Meet UCM's Distinguished Alumni for 2018

            Five men and women who have outstanding careers in fields such as actuarial science, education, engineering, marketing and mathematics, both nationally and internationally, will be recognized during the University of Central Missouri’s Distinguished Alumni Dinner Friday, Oct. 26.

            October 18, 2018
            UCM Jack o'Lantern

            UCM-Themed Jack o' Lantern Stencils will Brighten Up Your Halloween

            Looking to add a little Mule Pride to your Halloween festivities? Enjoy these eight printable UCM-themed Jack o' Lantern stencils and add some school spirit to your holiday.

            October 11, 2018
            Graduate Students at UCM
            ucmblog, University News, studentsuccess

            Enjoy These Perks Around Campus for Graduate Education Week

            Along with the Governor’s recognition of the importance of graduate education, the University of Central Missouri also has a variety of activities planned during the week to recognize its many graduate students and the opportunities UCM provides for those seeking advanced degrees.

            October 10, 2018
            UCM 1分11选5平台coming Parade Cheerleaders

            #AlwaysAMule - Connect with UCM During 1分11选5平台coming 2018

            As we welcome UCM students, alumni and community members to 1分11选5平台coming 2018, we want to connect with you and share the 1分11选5平台coming moments you’ll never forget. Take a look at how you can share your pics, videos and social media posts with the rest of Mule Nation during the biggest campus celebration of the year.

            September 05, 2018